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This website is dedicated to the long-running NBC series, The West Wing. I enjoyed the relationships between CJ Cregg & Danny Concannon (played by Allison Janney and Timothy Busfield) and, in the last two seasons, Helen & Matt Santos (played by Teri Polo and Jimmy Smits). Leo McGarry, Kate Harper, and members of the Bartlet family were some of my favorite characters. But it was the relationship and eventual romance between Donnatella Moss & Joshua Lyman (played by Janel Moloney and Bradley Whitford) that was and remains my favorite part of the show. The series featured a blend of politics, drama, and comedy.

Donna & Josh:

Josh and Donna sitting backwards to one another, both smiling
Why they are the best: They had the indefinable “it” quality from the pilot episode. They were good friends who gradually grew into something more. While there was a sense of suppressed longing in the early seasons, it wasn’t until the end of season five when Josh sent Donna on the CODEL to Gaza, that their romance really began to take off. The romance was never going to work so long as he was her boss and they both realized that. I loved that they were never stagnant; their relationship grew as the show progressed. Along the way we got seven seasons of playful banter, camaraderie, repressed emotion, and timing that was never quite right until election night the final season. Even then things didn’t progress smoothly, which is what makes their final HEA so believable.

Favorite Moment: There were so many great scenes between these two characters over the course of the seven seasons the show aired. I could easily choose something for each season, but I’ll stick to my rules and pick just one: the airplane scene in “Transition.” An obvious pick for certain, but it was a LOOOONG time coming. It's a very short scene, but their smiles and simple conversation make it work. “Going with you part was all me.”

And they lived happily ever after… in Washington, DC during the two terms of Santos administration, then Connecticut with their three kids.

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